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Add Glitter to the Archives! A Crafternoon with the OSU Queer Archives

“Glitter in the Archives” began in 2016 as part of Oregon Archives Month and OSU’s Queer History Month celebrations. The crafternoon event, featuring copies of materials from the OSU Queer Archives, was hosted in the SCARC reading room and ran from 2016-2019, and it’s finally back!

This year we collaborated with the Libraries’ Crafternoon series and the event was hosted in the main lobby of the library, hence the new name “Add Glitter to the Archives.”  As before, one of the event’s main goals was to use (copies of) archival materials to imagine queer futures, particularly as they pertain to OSU and the surrounding community. For information and photos from past events, see the blog posts for Glitter in the Archives, 2016-2019 

We have some ideas for the event’s future, including hosting an OSQA materials SCARC Open House the week after the crafternoon event, and we hope folks will join us in October 2024!

Here’s the crafternoon setup featuring lots of glittery collaging supplies and copies of OSQA archival materials ~ 14 people joined us for the event!

“Add Glitter to the Archives” Crafternoon
Crafternoon Supplies

The event also showcased Glitter creations from past years:

Glitter Crafts from the Archives

Participants had the opportunity to donate their craft creations to OSQA – we received 5 donations!

October 2023 Crafts

Here are more photos of the crafting in action: