October 2018 Guide Additions to SCARC Collections

We completed seven new or updated finding aids in October 2018.  The following is a list and a little information about what we accomplished.  These finalized finding aids are available through the Archives West finding aids database, and our website.

  • Three of the guides are for collections that were only minimally described and are now fully processed.
  • Two of the guides are for collections within our student affairs collections initiative.
  • One of the guides is for a component of the University Publications (PUBS).
  • One of the guides is an update to reflect current descriptive practice.
  • These 7 guides represent  ~20 cubic feet of physical materials and 3 Gbytes of electronic records and include 255 photographs.

All of these materials are now available to researchers (with restrictions for some materials).   Several of the collections have materials available online in Oregon Digital (see links below).

Collections that were only minimally described and are now fully processed and described:

p065-case-600wReva Buell Photograph Collection, 1902-1904 (P 065)

This collection consists of 14 mounted photographic prints depicting Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) scenes, buildings, and student groups.  Reva Buell attended OAC in 1900-1904. Images from this collection are available online in Oregon Digital.

hc0882-bexell-hall-600wClass Sessions Photograph Collection, 1907-1961 (P 047)

These photographs depict Oregon State University students and faculty in classroom settings and engaged in various learning activities in the early to mid-1900s.  Classes pictured include farm mechanics, pharmacy, business, engineering, and home economics.  Images from this collection are available online in Oregon Digital.

hc0417-600wMaud Wilson Papers, 1917-1965 (MSS WilsonM)

The Maud Wilson Papers document Wilson’s research in housing design and improvements in efficiency that could result from planning and design, especially in rural settings.  Wilson was the first full time researcher in home economics at Oregon Agricultural College.  Several of her publications are available online in ScholarsArchive@OSU.

Collections within the Student Affairs Initiative:  

Image from the 2007 Matriculation SlideshowGreek Life Office Records, 1918-2015 (RG 223)

These records document the administration, regulation, and support services provided for the fraternity and sorority community at Oregon State University.  The Greek Life Office was established in 1998.  This collection includes 3.14 Gbytes of born-digital (electronic) records).

p57-3718-plageman-600wStudent Health Services Records, 1929-2015 (RG 023)

The Student Health Services records document the administration and provision of health services to Oregon State University students.  The records address a variety of health and medical topics such as communicable diseases, vaccinations, patient privacy, and medical records.   Student Health Services was established at Oregon Agricultural College in 1916.

Finding aids that have been updated to reflect current descriptive practice:   

p130-6-grass-seed-600wFarm Crops Department Photographs, 1919-1961 (P 130)

These images illustrate the research activities of the Farm Crops Department and includes photographs of crop production, the use agricultural machinery, and department faculty. All of the images in the collection are available online in Oregon Digital.

University Publications:  

student_handbook_1949-1950Student Handbooks, 1894-1996 (PUB 010-23a)

The Student Handbooks (also known as Rook Guides, Rook Handbooks, or Rook Bibles) provided an introduction to incoming first-year students about Oregon State University, especially history and traditions, social regulations and expectations, student activities and services, and academic policies and procedures.   Most of the handbooks are available online in Oregon Digital.

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