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Salmon, Beavers, & Ducks?

Is this a university archive or a petting zoo?

OSU’s campus is all a flutter — and covered with orange and black, of course. Why? Today is the big day: Civil War 2009! Tonight’s winner goes for Roses … That’s right, for those of you who haven’t heard because you’ve been hiding out to avoid the rain and/or 29 degree temperatures, the winner will be in the Rose Bowl!

Hasn’t this happened before? According to OSU’s Game Day Central, the answer is no.

It looks like it has, but it really hasn’t. The winner of the 113th Civil War will know that it has clinched the Pac-10 title and a berth to the Rose Bowl when the clock shows 0:00. It’s the first time that both teams have entered the game with the “winner take all” scenario. The Beavers entered the 1957 season finale 6-1 in the league, while the Ducks were 5-2 – Oregon won that game 20-0 to share the title, but the Beavers knew that they were out of the Rose Bowl going in, due to a no-repeat clause – OSU played in the ’57 Rose Bowl (’56 season).”

The rivalry between the two schools, especially that pig skin rivalry, goes waaaay back. To read all about it, and see lots of great pictures from the UO Archives and Special Collections, check out Anne Peterson’s article for KPIC news. Here’s a teaser to get you reading…

While this season’s Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State has been called the biggest game in the rivalry’s history, there have been plenty of significant – and just plain strange – Civil Wars in the past. Case in point: 1983’s “Toilet Bowl,” a 0-0 rain-drenched exercise in futility.

No rain tonight, just Jack Frost and his chilly dew.

The OSU Archives got in on the historic photo action as well! Check out our Civil War set in Flickr. Want to see more football pics? Check out the Football at OSU set. And yes, it includes a picture of a goat.

While you are there, check out the new Flickr Commons set on salmon fishing in Oregon. Everyone is swimming on over, don’t be left at the gate…