Daily Archives: November 11, 2008

Microfilm Magic

bees-2551It’s true, all the magic really does happen in the microfilm area!

On October 28th, we had a visit from The History Detectives, and we’ve posted a few pictures and videos to our Flickr site. They were researching the history of a piece of bee’s wax and recording their findings for the hungry public television audience.

What did the detectives detect?
You’ll have to watch the episode next summer to find out, but we can report that part of the filming involved Elyse Luray doing microfilm research, as well as other general research, all under the glaring lights of the cameras.

What did she look at?
The McMinnville Telephone Register, The Wheeler Reporter and The Yamhill County Reporter.

Do we have those reels at OSU?
No, but that’s the beauty of ILL! A request to the UofO, a few days wait, and those reels made their way 45 miles north and into library lore and public tv fame.