Daily Archives: June 6, 2008

More Sound Recordings in Best of the Archives!

We have added newly digitized versions of 20 sound recordings (all original 78 rpm disks) to the Best of the Archives. Many thanks to Nathan Georgitis at the University of Oregon for his work in the sound lab to digitize these recordings and to OSU’s Linda Kathman for loading them to Best of the Archives.

  • KOAC Records (RG 015)
    Foresters in Action, 1939: Alouette, Cruiser’s Song, George W. The Dean
  • Music Department Records (RG 148)
    Oregon State Marching Song (undated) & the Oregon State College Band’s OSC Medley, A Tribute to Beard (circa 1947)
  • Alumni Relations Records (RG 035)
    Songs of Oregon State College, circa 1950 (including Oregon State Creed, Hail to Old OSC, and Alma Mater) & Songs of Oregon State College: Within a Vale of Western Mountains, circa 1953 (including Alma Mater, Mighty Beavers, Storm King, Toast to the Team, and more)

Happy listening!