Adventures at OLA/WLA: Hunting for history and sharing the search

It’s been a big week for outreach!

Thursday morning, student worker Christy Toliver and archivist Tiah Edmunson-Morton traveled to Vancouver, WA to share their poster depicting the “Adventures in the Archives: Hunting for History” scavenger hunt from summer 2007.

The hunt was an activity for Adventures in Learning, which “combines stimulating academic and social opportunities in a fun-filled 10-day experience” for “gifted, talented, and creative” 6th and 7th graders who are “interested in fast-paced, challenging opportunities.” Fast-paced and challenging? That’s us!

Last summer, we hosted 10-12 students for a 2-day scavenger hunt in the University Archives and throughout our fantastic campus! On the first day, students searched through historic yearbooks, catalogs, microfilm, and pictures looking for clues centered around the life of Wayne Bagley, an OSC student from the late 1920s. Those clues led them into their second day, an outdoor adventure designed to have them explore the campus, run out their sillies, and connect the past & present.

They’ll be back again this year– and now we’ll be ready with our fancy display!

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