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Thanks for checking out my blog! This is my very first blog post. I will use it to introduce myself and tell you everything there is to know about me. So I was born and raised in San Diego, California. If you’ve never been here, I highly recommend you check it out!! The weather is amazing as well as the food and there is a very laid back and relaxed vibe. Growing up, I was always into technology. I remember playing video games since I was just a kid. I had my dad’s coworker install free games for me like halo or spiderman and I would play it for hours on end. I remember being fascinated with tech and always was drawn towards it. As I grew older, specifically high school, I realized that I really enjoyed working with others. Team sports, or team events always made me happy. I liked the idea of working with a team to accomplish a common goal. That’s why I loved basketball and multiplayer video games! Thus, when I was in my junior year of high school, I decided to study communication when I got admitted to college. Why? Because communication is key when it comes to group/team events!

I ended up being admitted to UC Davis located in Davis, California. It was about 8 hours North of San Diego in a small isolated area (about 20 minutes from Sacramento). As I got older, I think I lost some interest in tech and focused more on fitness. I worked as a personal trainer for 3 years while in college and thought about being a fitness coach full time upon graduation. The only tech exposure I had at Davis was one intro to computer science class and I remember not liking it at all! Fast forward to after college and I ended up working in the marketing industry for a few years. However, I did not particularly enjoy it. I was desperately searching for a career change when I received an advertisement on Instagram. It said “Become a full stack web developer in 24 weeks!” I immediately was drawn to that ad and decided to try it out.

6 months later, I was hooked. I loved coding and it reminded me about my childhood passion for tech. I loved being able to have an idea and then bring it to life with code and to build something that is actually useful in the world. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I never had the courage to pursue a career change. Instead of writing this blog post, I would probably be miserable at some job! Upon completing the bootcamp, I realized that 6 months wasn’t enough time to be an expert on any subject. Plus, I wanted to be more competitive in the job market. So I decided to enroll at OSU to get a second bachelors degree in Computer Science, mainly so that I could learn the concepts much more in depth.

That takes me to this quarter! I have completed 6 quarters so far and just have this Winter and Spring to go and then I will have a bachelor’s in Computer Science! It has been an amazing experience thus far. I have learned so much and feel like I am a much better software developer than when I started. Thinking back to day 1, I have changed a lot. I only hope that this is the beginning of my journey and that I will keep getting better and better. I love to teach others and as I gain experience, I want to help new comers get into the field and mentor them. Upon graduation, I hope to find a job as a software engineer, somewhere on the West Coast. I believe at that point, I will feel like I have “made it”. Thank you all for reading my first post! And hope you stay tuned for many more to come!!

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