As we are approaching the halfway point of this winter quarter, I am starting to see things picking up. My schedule is starting to become more and more hectic as the projects are shifting towards the development phase. Currently, I am taking Intro to Engineering Usability, as well as this Capstone class. Both involve group projects which I enjoy because I believe they give us a taste of the real world, especially in the tech industry.

After being in this OSU program for almost 2 years now, I am used to the fast pace style for each class. For anyone out there reading this who may be in the beginning stages of the program, know that things pick up quickly! The first few weeks usually go by pretty slow but as you reach the halfway point of the quarter, then projects, assignments, and other tasks really ramp up and it’s best to be prepared! Of course my best advice is to be organized.

Being organized is key I think not only in school, but also in the real world. From all the interviews I’ve done, a common question is asking me how I handle pressure and having to do multiple tasks at once. And I always say that being organized and planning out exactly what I need to do really helps. One thing I have found helpful is to start with long terms goals that go out maybe 1 week, then break those down into short term goals like what do you want to accomplish in 1 day. I usually just write it down in my notes pad on my iPhone. And as I complete each one, I just check it off.

I have been following this approach for some time now, especially throughout OSU’s program and it has been successful. I think that it’s important to focus on one topic at a time and give your full attention to the task at hand. Then when you complete that, or want to switch topics, then you can move onto something else. As our project is slowly coming together, I will be utilizing this technique myself to switch my focus between school work as well as studying for interviews and also my own health and wellness! I hope anyone reading this is staying healthy!

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