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This post is about appreciation of being a student! As I am writing this post, it feels like just yesterday I was talking about motivation. Time goes by extremely quick, and we are already half way through this quarter. As this is my second to last quarter as a student, I realize that I may never again go back to school. I have contemplated getting a Master’s degree but as of now I don’t have any plans to go back to school.

With that being said, I am trying to appreciate my time in school as best as I can. I have come to realize that although there are always assignments, and projects to do during school, we have the flexibility to decide our own schedule and decide when we want to complete those tasks. We can do chores or errands in the middle of the day if we wanted to. We can go to a doctor’s appointment without having to get it approved by anyone. These are the luxuries of being a student that are not always available for the full time working life.

I have really enjoyed the online Post Bacc format of this program thus far. Being a student is already flexible in itself, but being in a program where it is entirely online and also no set lecture times is on a whole different level! It has really made me appreciate the whole remote work lifestyle.

I think as I have gotten older, time has really flown by. Thinking back to elementary school or even high school, I never remember thinking to myself how time was moving so fast. I think because everyday was so different and as a kid, there are always new and exciting things that keep our minds busy. But as we get older, and get into the full time work life, or even the school life, then everyday is more routine. As adults, we have a very routine lifestyle. We tend to do things the same way everyday. Wake up eat, go to work, come home, maybe go to the gym, eat dinner, relax, sleep, repeat. Same with school, I think students like to find a schedule to stick to because it is comfortable. I believe this makes time go by faster.

That is why every day, especially as a student, I am trying to appreciate all the small things and the schedule that I am currently in because I know after I start working full time it will be very different. I think time goes by very fast the older we get and it’s important to realize that and enjoy every moment!! What is that quote? Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses? “Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses” – Walter Hagen

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