My name is Robin Purvis and I’m a senior computer science student. Ever since I was young, I was very interested in technology, as were most people my age. I loved playing games and exploring new technologies that were coming out. When I started high school, I had no clue what I wanted to study in college. My high school had “pathways” of electives that students could choose to do. Each pathway was related to a career. Since I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I decided to try classes from every pathway. After trying most of the pathways, I found that I was most interested in computers. My high school had a a few classes that taught some Visual Basic and basic computer science concepts. After high school, I started college at Chemeketa Community College. After a few years of classes at Chemeketa, I transferred to Oregon State University to do my upper division classes. I started my studies at OSU during Winter term of 2022. I did my first two terms at OSU online due to living too far away. This Fall term is my first term on Campus because I am moving to Corvallis soon. I expect to graduate with my Bachelors Winter of 2024. However, I still don’t know exactly what I want to do after college. So far, data science has been the most interesting to me. Since I don’t have a main focus, I like exploring all of computer science.

I have one pet, which is a bearded dragon. Her name is Eliza and she’s three and a half years old. I like having a bearded dragon because they’re low maintenance. I especially like Eliza’s colors. I unfortunately don’t have more pets even though I would like many more. My hobbies include crafts, video games and many different types of puzzles.

My group’s project for our senior capstone is the Century Farms App. I am excited about building this app because of how much it relates to this local area. I have lived in the Willamette Valley my whole life and have seen signs for Century Farms, so I’m interested to learn more about them and how they have changed as the climate has changed. One of my group members left the group, so it seems like it will be me and one other people building the app, but I’m sure we’ll make do!

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