Senior Capstone Update #5

Since the last update, more development work has been done. One thing I did was create the table on the individual farm page to showcase comparable information. This includes the current and original owners, acreage, crops, and livestock. This was implemented because of feedback from the project sponsor. I also moved the image to the left of the “general farm information” to make the page look better. Originally, this was at the top of the page. Lastly, on this page, I added a default picture that loads for farms that don’t have any pictures in the database. This picture is in the screenshot below.

Another thing I did was update the climate data for the climate graphs. I got an email from ClimateNA (which is where we source the climate information) stating that data for 2022 was available. Because of this, I needed to move the year 2022 from the future climate graphs to the historic climate graphs and update the data. I also needed to add climate data for the farms I added to the database a couple weeks ago. During our meeting last Thursday with the project sponsor, I learned that ClimateNA actually has an API we could use instead of of downloading the csv files and managing the data ourselves. The project sponsor knows the creator of the ClimateNA API so I was able to email him some questions about the API. I want to know things like “is there a limit on API calls?” and “is there a way to write one API call to get data for a set of years?” (looking through the API documentation, it didn’t seem like there was a way to do this, but it would make things a lot more easier). I am still waiting on a response from the creator of the API, but am hopeful we will be able to switch to the API to make managing the data easier.

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