Week 1 – Blog Post: The Case for Recruitment & Selection 

  1. Why might organizations decide to allocate more resources toward marketing or product design rather than using those same resources to do a really good job in employee recruitment and selection?

There are a multitude of reasons why a company might allocate more resources toward marketing or product design rather than recruitment. As for marketing within a company it is important that they stay focused on making sure their company attracts new customers as well as retaining existing ones. Marketing is a good way to do this because they will be able to show what they are capable of for their customers. As for product design this is also a huge part of a company. The company wants to make sure they are solving customer problems and even try to find new ways of entering a certain market while still being successful. A lot of companies may see employee recruitment as something that is not as important if they are not successful in other ways. If there is no money coming in then it could be seen as they won’t need to spend the extra money on employee recruitment.

2. What are the potential strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s decision to not prioritize recruitment and selection in favor of a focus on other aspects of the business?

One potential strength in not prioritizing recruitment is that they will have money for things such as marketing and product design, for example. It will help to make sure they have the room and money to continue to grow and maximize the efforts for growing a company. This will be especially useful when trying to maximize profit and help in the long run. One potential weakness would be that they will not have employees that are good. Whether that be they are not actually skilled enough in the position or they end up having to go through the hiring/training process more frequently due to the person quitting or being fired. It will end up being a waste of money because there is no initiative to find a good employee.

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2 responses to “Week 1 – Blog Post: The Case for Recruitment & Selection ”

  1. Anna Kuenzi Avatar
    Anna Kuenzi

    Hi Rebecca,
    I like the point you bring up- that companies are just as concerned about keeping past customers as they are about bringing in new ones. If a business can’t attract a customer base, they will not sell their product and incoming revenue will halt. Then, there will be no money or need for a recruitment process and hiring new employees. On the other hand, I can also see how not hiring great employees would lead to the product declining, and the marketing itself to have a downfall, since someone has to manually do the work. You brought up a side to this thargument that I had failed to see, thank you!

  2. Sarah Ginney Avatar
    Sarah Ginney

    Hi Rebecca,

    I completely agree with you on both prompts, I said similar things in my post. Also, as someone who is actively applying for jobs post-graduation, I find myself looking for a great company culture and a well-rounded company that has its business strategy figured out. For example, I would love to go into sales and I want to sell a product that people want to buy. For both aspects, employee recruitment and product development are incredibly important. Company culture thrives based on these factors and I think they are both vital to a business’s success. Companies that are well-rounded look for people that are well-rounded and it can show a lot about the culture just based on the way that they go about the hiring process. Thank you for your post!

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