Week 1 – Blog Post: Job Application Experiences 

  1. Describe your experiences from the perspective of an applicant for the last job for which you applied.

The last job I applied to was actually my current job at The Home Depot. It was actually a very surprising experience for me. When I was applying to jobs, it was during 2020 so I was honestly not expecting too much in terms of job openings. The application itself was very simple and easy to fill out. Probably the hardest part was the interview process for me. This is because during the time of applying to places I had only gotten one interview elsewhere, so I was having a hard time feeling confident within myself. Thankfully, I made a good impression and got the job that I have stuck with.

2. Explain how your experiences during the job application process shaped your impression of the job you were applying for and your desire to work there (or in some cases to not work there).

When I was initially applying to the job I applied as a cashier, my interview was for the lumber department and I overall got a position with order fulfillment. At the time I did not think too much of it and how the process happened. Mostly because I was told there were a lot of changes happening at the store I was at so everything was a bit hectic. My first impression was that I was honestly nervous. I had never thought of myself to be someone who worked at this type of business, so I was really intimidated. My main desire to work there once I got through the interview process and accepted the job was to do something out of my comfort zone. It was not a job that I would have imagined myself doing, at least not at The Home Depot, but once I met the managers and HR representative I felt so much more comfortable. 

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