Writing Exercise #5

Prompt: What choices do you make in terms of food/nutrition/product use and consumption that may have an impact on your microbial communities? Consider choices that are intentional and choices that are perhaps non-intentional. As a college student I find it hard to keep up a healthy and consistent diet, I unintentionally eat a lot of… Continue reading Writing Exercise #5

Writing Exercise #4

The purpose of the rhetorical precis is to offer a short account of an article that does more than summarize the content. The rhetorical precis, which is four sentences long, accounts for the author and his or her main assertion, the way the author develops or supports the thesis, the author’s purpose in writing, and… Continue reading Writing Exercise #4

Writing Exercise #3

Brainstorm a list of behaviors that an individual could engage in that could cause changes to their gut microbial community. Pick 3 specific behaviors from your list. For each, discuss how that behavior could change the microbial community and the potential health impacts (beneficial, detrimental, neutral) that could result for the individual’s health. Dr. Shawn… Continue reading Writing Exercise #3

Writing Exercise #2

Which HPV strains should be covered in a new treatment? In the early 1980’s scientist Harald zur Hausen demonstrated by a southern blot analysis the presence of Human papillomavirus types HPV16 and HPV18 in cervical cancer biopsies as well as several cervical cancer-derived cell lines in the first immortalized human cells grown in culture. Now… Continue reading Writing Exercise #2

Exercise #1

Throughout these past two years the Covid-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of research and the ability to understand infectious diseases caused by microorganisms. Moreover, I was surprised at how fast scientists were able to complete groundbreaking research to the extent of mass producing vaccines in effort to put a halt on such an infectious… Continue reading Exercise #1

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