Writing Exercise #5

Prompt: What choices do you make in terms of food/nutrition/product use and consumption that may have an impact on your microbial communities? Consider choices that are intentional and choices that are perhaps non-intentional.

As a college student I find it hard to keep up a healthy and consistent diet, I unintentionally eat a lot of fast food and best believe I always beat myself up for choosing Mcdonalds over a healthy salad at Market of Choice. Unfortunately due to a crunch in time, lack of money, and an unhealthy eating schedule I choose the cheapest most filling meal rather than a healthy meal. It took a little bit of research to find that, “diet full of high fat and high sugar foods – items found in most fast foods – can lead to an unhealthy gut microbiome.” Who knew right?! It’s no wonder why my stomach is always upset with me. Intentionally, I always aim to be healthy by meal prepping or buying from local businesses around Corvallis. When I have weeks of healthy home cooked food I notice multiple positive changes both physically and mentally this is because all the fresh produce (Vegetables and fruits) and low fat food makes for a diverse gut bacteria which has been associated with leanness, as well as protection from many diseases.


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