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Regular Club Meeting

This Thursday at 3pm is regularly scheduled meeting time.

Rough agenda is:

  • Socialize, check in with each other
  • Finalize plan for Friday’s event
  • Start planning winter term – theme of accessibility and disability in science?

As always, anybody is welcome to come to the meeting and bring an agenda item they would like to add. Please join our email list for the information about location and remote options.

PhIS Meeting 5/10/2021

Our next PhIS meeting is on Mon. 5/10 at 3pm (PT).

Here is the agenda:

  1. Discussion: New Physics Department head
    The Physics Department is searching for a new head. We will be discussing what qualities you would like to see in the new head. Your opinions will be taken into consideration!
  2. Trivia!!!
  3. Discussion: Team-Up report
    We will be discussing Factor 3: Academic Support. This is on page 4 of the recommendations, and pg. 38-43 of the full report.
    Link to recommendations
    Link to full report

For the zoom link, please join our mailing list or contact us through this page.