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2021/22 Officers

Georgia Carroll, Abbie Glickman, Christian Solorio, Cameron Clonch, and Pedram Esfahani

2020/21 Officers

Kasey Yoke, Noah Vaughan, Georgia Carroll, Christian D Solorio, Gina Mayonado, Abbie Glickman, Pedram Esfahani, and Okan Agirseven.

2019/20 Officers

Acacia Patterson, Gina Mayonado, Abbie Glickman, Mattia Carbonaro, Davide Lazzati, Jaden Downing, Georgia Carroll, Kelby Hahn, Kasey Yoke, Maggie Greenwood, MacKenzie Lenz, Heather Hill, Nicole Quist, and Kyle Vogt.

2018/19 Officers

MacKenzie Lenz, Kelby Hahn, Mattia Carbonaro, Mike Vignal, Elizabeth Gire, Madison Gryba, Gina Mayonado, Kasey Yoke, and Nicole Quist

2017/18 Officers

MacKenzie Lenz, Kelby Hahn, Jessica Armstrong, Maggie Greenwood, Janet Tate, Allison Gicking, Gina Mayonado, and Nicole Quist

2016/17 Officers