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Tamara Gash is Awarded National Procurement Award!

This year the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) held their annual national conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  At this event Tamara Gash, OSU Strategic Procurement Manager, was recognized by her peers and accepted the NAEP Distinguished Service Award.  This is a prestigious annual award that recognizes up to two individuals who have provided extraordinary service to their universities, the higher education community, NAEP at the National or Regional levels or the procurement profession as a whole.

OSU is very fortunate to have such an innovative, involved and seasoned procurement professional here at OSU.  It’s great to see her receive national recognition for her contributions.  Please join PCMM in congratulating Tamara on her phenomenal accomplishment!

Credit Applications for Restaurants and Bars

Procurement has recently been receiving requests to process credit accounts for local restaurants/bars. Our experience is that most of these restaurants/bars will not agree to terms requiring them to not include either alcohol, or gratuities in excess of 15%, in the bill. Business Affairs has confirmed that OSU employees may still file for reimbursements to pay for Hosting expenses. FIS 407 – “Personal Reimbursements” does not preclude these costs from being reimbursed. If you have questions about the policy please contact Business Affairs. Questions about credit applications can be directed to Procurement.

Make Sure You Have the Most Current Forms!

From time to time, Procurement and Contract Services will update templates or forms due to changes in rules, regulations, processes, etc.  Make sure you check our Forms page for the latest versions of the forms you use.  We have recently updated the following forms: Personal Services Contract, Personal Services Invoice, Commodity Lease Intake Form, and the Testing Services Agreements. If you save copies of forms locally on your computer, make a note to periodically check our Forms page for any updates.

Welcome Joshua Dodson!

Joshua Dodson, PCMM Employee
Joshua Dodson

Please join us in welcoming Joshua Dodson to the Procurement section of PCMM as a Procurement Contract Officer.  Joshua has worked for several years out of college as an office manager for a large construction company at remote jobsites throughout the western hemisphere. He then moved into the public sector as a procurement officer for the State of Alaska in Juneau. Before coming to OSU, he was engaged in acquisition, budgeting and strategic sourcing for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Operations Division in Newport, OR. Joshua, his wife and two boys (ages 6 years and 6 months) live in Philomath, OR.

Fraudulent Quote Requests and Orders

Vendors and Oregon State University staff should be aware that vendors continue to report that they are receiving requests for quotes or orders using OSU contact information and in fact this activity has increased significantly. If you are unaware of the scam, vendors receive requests for quotes or purchase orders for goods where the name and billing address information is accurate but the email, phone number and fax number are fake. The shipping address is always a non-OSU address, oftentimes identified as a “research” address.

If any companies receive requests for quotes, credit line establishment or purchases from Kelly Kozisek or Mark Fryman, DO NOT PLACE THE ORDER. If you are uncertain if the order is from OSU Procurement, please contact us as soon as possible.

We highly encourage vendors who are victims of these scams to go to the FBI website at to report the scam online.

Welcome Jennifer Koehne!

Please join us in welcoming Jennifer Koehne to the Procurement section of PCMM as a Purchasing Analyst 3. Jennifer grew up in the Willamette Valley and has lived most of her life here. Jennifer joins us from the private sector where she most recently worked in purchasing at a local financial services technology company for the last 10 years. Before that she worked in both the manufacturing and retail industries.

Jennifer’s main interests are reading, movies, camping and spending time with family and friends.

If you haven’t met Jennifer in person yet, please stop by the PA 3 cubicle area in our main office to say hi!

Automatic Contract Alerts

The Procurement and Contract Services database has started to send out automatic alerts to the Principal Investigators for contracts that are either about to expire or are needing confirmation on continuation of the contract.  The two emails are as follows:

  1. confirmation of the continued use of an auto-renew or perpetual contract
  2. notification of the impending expiration of a term contract

The confirmation of the continued use of an auto-renew or perpetual contract will be sent once every two years around the anniversary date of the contract.  The notification of the impending expiration of a term contract will be sent 3-6 months prior to the expiration of the contract.  If you receive either of these emails, please review the contract in question and reply to the email to indicate what direction Procurement or Contract Services should proceed with the contract.