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  • Requests for Extensions Getting You Down? Some Solutions.

    It is near the end of Week Seven here at Oregon State University. It is about the time faculty will be getting a lot of requests from students. Requests for more time for a paper, for a quiz, or for an exam. Requests for recording lectures, copies of notes, or zoom links. Most faculty want […]

  • Increasing Resilience Through Modular Teaching

    By Inara Scott, Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning Excellence, College of Business Like many of us, at the beginning of the summer I was filled with optimism about the fall and the prospect of a post-COVID school term. Vaccination rates in Oregon were going up and masks were coming off. The challenge, it felt, […]

  • RAP ON: A Crisis Preparedness Kit for Educators

    About the author: Sydney Tran is a Health Psychology PhD student studying the effects of objectification on women’s well-being. She is passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusivity in improving mental health and well-being. This is part of our series of Research Advancing Pedagogy (RAP) blogs, designed to share the latest pedagogical research from across the disciplines in a pragmatic […]