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  • A “Form” of Flexibility: An Easy Way to Grant Extensions to Students

    By Dr. Raechel Soicher, 2022 CTL Blended Learning Innovations in Pedagogy (BLIP) Initiative Faculty Fellow and Instructor in the School of Psychological Science. As with most (all) of my great teaching ideas, I got this one for supporting students from Twitter. Let me back up a sec – some context for why I was searching […]

  • Requests for Extensions Getting You Down? Some Solutions.

    It is near the end of Week Seven here at Oregon State University. It is about the time faculty will be getting a lot of requests from students. Requests for more time for a paper, for a quiz, or for an exam. Requests for recording lectures, copies of notes, or zoom links. Most faculty want […]

  • Supporting Students’ Finals Prep

    By Marjorie Coffey, Asst. Director, Academic Success Center & Writing Center (ASC &WC) Last spring, I shared ways instructors could encourage and support students as they finished up their first term of remote learning. The most recent OSU Remote Learning Experience Student Survey tells us that remote learning still presents significant challenges for students, even […]