Tag: Course Design

  • Course Design Bootcamp

    Have you heard of the Course Design Institute? How about the Course Design Bootcamp? Join the CTL in a streamlined sequence of workshops and activities to learn backwards course design approaches to (re)develop your course. Two consecutive Friday afternoons. March 17 & March 24 | 2PM to 5PM | LINC 307 | Space is limited. […]

  • Center for Teaching and Learning Opportunities

    We are nearing the end of Fall term.  As we descend into the hectic last week of the term, here are some great opportunities for December and beyond (space limited so sign up soon). Also help us shape your future faculty development options by taking this 3 min survey. Course Design Institute: Join CTL and […]

  • Transparency in Learning and Teaching: Begin with SMARTE and SMARTER Student Learning Objectives

    In my work as an instructional consultant in CTL, I often discuss with faculty how to adjust the wording of course student learning objectives (SLOs) to exemplify measurable SLOs. This served as the initial impetus for creating an infographic to disseminate best practices for constructing student-centered and action-oriented SLOs. However, there is a lot more […]

  • New Guides to Blended and Remote Teaching

    Just in time for a Fall term in which most Corvallis and Cascades courses will be offered in either remote or blended formats, two new Center for Teaching and Learning tutorials walk you through the design and teaching of courses in these challenging modalities. Successful Blended and Remote Course Design, Part One and Part Two, […]

  • Crossing The Finish Line: Some Suggestions for Ending the Term

    Last days of class are perhaps just a short hop behind the first days in the big scheme of stressful days of teaching. This itself may come as a surprise. A last class needs close examination. Not enough educators pay enough attention to the last day. Many of us cannot wait to be done with […]