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  • Join the OSU Digital Accessibility Community

    About the OSU Digital Accessibility Community The Ally accessibility tool in Canvas is about to turn one year old! Now that many faculty are using Ally to check course content, they have questions about how to improve accessibility of their course materials. In order to deliver focused support for the remainder of the academic year, […]

  • New Tool for Faculty Peer Review of Canvas Discussions

    Faculty peer reviews of teaching benefit faculty and students in a variety of ways. Peer review is endorsed and recognized within and outside of OSU as an evidence-based practice that supports quality teaching, and is also a component of promotion and tenure dossiers for many OSU faculty. In a campus-based course, a peer reviewer may […]

  • Canvas Hack: Using Outcomes to Generate Assurance of Learning Reports

    About the Author: John Morris is Senior Instructor I in the College of Business. Prior to joining OSU in 2009, he worked at Hewlett-Packard Company in software and technology training. He was part of the OSU Blackboard to Canvas LMS (Learning Management System) transition in 2013 and 2014 and was a College of Business Peer […]

  • Sign up for OSU Teaching Workshops

    OSU’s Keep Teaching team, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Academic Technology are collaborating to offer workshops and webinars to help you prepare your Winter 2021 courses. Sign up today! Using Canvas to Give Better Feedback to Students - Wondering how you can give your students more efficient and effective feedback through Canvas? Are you […]

  • Supporting Your Fall Term Students

    Times of transition and change can be overwhelming. We know the entire OSU community is experiencing some form of change right now, and that students in particular may be feeling overwhelmed as they anticipate fall term. We also know that students trust the advice and resources they hear about from you. This puts you in a unique position to support students throughout the term. As you prepare for fall, I’d like to highlight one way you […]

  • Pedagogical Boosters

    Last week, Cub Kahn posted a blog titled, Practical Solutions to Remote Learning Issues. In that issue, an infographic on remote learning issues, along with practical, evidence-based solutions were shared. This week, the Center for Teaching and Learning is sharing a second infographic, Pedagogical Boosters. But don’t worry, while we often may feel a pinch […]

  • Practical Solutions for Remote Learning Issues

    Two months into higher education’s sudden transition to remote teaching, the challenges of this modality are evident to students and faculty alike. Even as we encourage and support students to successful completion of Spring term, we look ahead to Summer Session and Fall term teaching contingencies. To assist faculty as we move forward, the Center […]

  • Remote Teaching = A New Kind of Blended Learning

    Blended learning, in which classroom learning activity is integrated with online learning activity, has been on the rise over the past two decades. Nationally, a large portion of faculty and students express a preference toward blended approaches and substantial research supports the efficacy of this approach. Now with the abrupt transition to remote teaching in […]

  • Jump-Start Your Remote Teaching with a Canvas Template

    To help you rapidly prepare for Spring term remote teaching, you have access to a Canvas course template that can be imported into your empty Canvas course sites. The template itself gives simple directions to import it into your course sites. You can do this in 2 minutes! The template embodies evidence-based best practices for […]