smiley face at a bottom of a page pictureIf you have turned on Jetpack on your site, and are collecting stats, at the very bottom of your site you might notice a little smiley face.  If you are like me, you will find this just a little bit annoying.  How did it get there?  Is this a bug?  Is there something wrong with one of my posts?  The answer is no.  It goes back to using Jetpack and collecting stats. Since you are using the power of the WordPress cloud at when you connect Jetpack, WordPress inserts this to indicate stats are being collected.  Well and good, but if you are not in a smiley frame of mind, it’s very easy to fix.


To take the smiley off your page, go to the Jetpack dashboard, and click on the Configure.  In the configuration options you will see a checkbox to “Hide the stats smiley face image.”  Just check that and save and you are smiley free, and free to smile.

configuring jetpack smiley on or off images


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