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An update has been released to our production environment today, Tuesday, November 28th, 2017. The following updates have been applied:

Major Version Upgrade

  • None

Drupal Core Bug Fix/Security Updates

  • None

New Modules Added

  • None

Contributed Module Updates

  • Better Exposed Filters 7.x-3.5
    • Fixed Cross Site Scripting (XSS) issues with “Enable secondary exposed form options” for users with Administer Views permissions
  • Field Group 7.x-1.6
    • Fixed failing test after new ‘administer fields’ permission
    • Updated CHANGELOG.txt to 7.x-1.5 Release
    • Fixed whitespace between “&” and parameters for some functions
    • Cleaned up bad code pattern (that was picked up by security scanners) when getting hash
    • #array_parents updated in field_group_fields_nest()
    • Fixed the word “Show” that appeared in horizontal tab title if node form submitted through ajax
    • Fixed CSS that was breaking i18n string translation interface
    • Fixed “uncaught exception: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #” after 7.x-1.4 update
    • Fixed PHP7 – Uniform Variable Syntax updates that were causing exported field_groups to not have names
  • File Entity 7.x-2.12
    • Fixed Image field alt and title text that were being overridden by file_entity_alt and file_entity_title
  • Media 7.x-2.13
    • Focus now confined to modal Media Browser
    • Library tab now keyboard-accessible
    • Media dialog issue when using jQuery UI 1.10 now fixed
    • Can now bulk upload files into a specific folder

OSU Module Updates

  • Feeds Display 7.x-2.6 – Update to assist University News and Communication News Feed

OSU Theme Updates

  • Doug Fir 7.x-3.8 – Updated accordion styling for Views Accordion plug-in

Advanced Notice — Environment Upgrade

  • We have upgraded our Development and Stage environments from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1. We will be upgrading our Production environment to 7.1 on Thursday, November 30th, 2017.
  • What does this mean?
    • In a nutshell it means your site will be much faster. 🙂

If you have questions or concerns please contact us through our contact form.

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