The Drupal 7.41-cws-1.2.0 update was released to our development environment on Tuesday, November 24th, and will be released to production sites on Tuesday, Dec. 1st.  The following updates have been applied:

Major Version Upgrade

  • None

Drupal Core Bug Fix/Security Updates

  • None

New Modules Added

  • None

Contributed Module Updates

  • FileField Paths: 7.x-1.0-rc2 -> 7.x-1.0
    • Official Release Status
    • Added variable module integration.

OSU Module Updates

  • OSU Drupal: Updated parent unit pathauto settings
  • OSU Profiles: Added missing module dependencies
  • OSU Groups: Architects can now remove the top level book page of an organic group. Style updates added to the dashboard.
  • Feature Page: Page title now appears at the same place, no matter the browser size. Page title now appears if a feature page is the home page of a site.

OSU Theme Updates

  • Doug Fir: Science variant font and size updates

If you have questions or concerns please contact us though our contact form.

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