The Drupal 7.41-cws-1.0.0 update was released to our development environment on Tuesday, October 27th, and will be released to production sites on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd.  Our previous development release was not pushed to production therefore this release includes our previous package, plus some additional updates, as noted with a bold typeface:

Major Version Upgrade

  • Drupal Core 7.39 > 7.41

Drupal Core Bug Fix/Security Updates

  • Drupal Core 7.41 addresses a less critical security vulnerability in the core Overlay module. This vulnerability is mitigated by the fact that it can only be used against site users who have the “Access the administrative overlay” permission, and that the Overlay module must be enabled.
    • OSU Drupal 7 does not have the Overlay module enabled in its default distribution.

New Modules Added

  • Access Control Bridge: 7.x-1.2
    • Added to improve the interplay between the different access control modules we use (Domain Access and Organic Groups).
  • Feature Page: 7.x-1.1.2
    • An OSU module that provides a full-width, liquid display. Please see our Feature Page instructions if you’re interested in previewing this in your development environment.

Contributed Module Updates

  • Adminimal theme: 7.x-1.22 -> 7.x-1.23
  • Colorbox: 7.x-2.9 -> 7.x-2.10
    • Less Critical Security fix to prevent users from adding unexpected content to a colorbox, including content from external sites, which could allow an unprivileged user to deface a site. Issue was mitigated by the fact that comments must be enabled (they are not used on our sites).
  • Features: 7.x-2.6 -> 7.x-2.7
  • Filefield Paths: 7.x-1.0-beta4 -> 7.x-1.0-rc1
  • Pathauto: 7.x-1.2 -> 7.x-1.3
  • Views Field View: 7.x-1.1 -> 7.x-1.2
    • Fixed query aggregation for field api fields
    • Sorted list of views
    • Fixed strict warning only variables – should be passed by reference in options_form()
    • Added simple, static caching
  • Webform: 7.x-4.10 -> 7.x-4.12
    • Over 15 issues/feature improvements added in the 7.x-4.11 release. Please see the Webform project release notes list for details.
    • There was an additional update between our two update sessions that has been included in this release.  Over 20 issues/feature improvements have been added in the 7.x-4.12 release. Please see the Webform project release notes list for details.

OSU Module Updates

  • Live Feeds: Added Google Calendar Feed into module
  • OSU Search: Removed unnecessary argument from query string for Google Site Search

OSU Theme Updates

  • Doug Fir: Added improved styling for Views Accordian menu

Request for Feedback

  • Feature Page: As mentioned in our Drupal Community Meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 13th, we are still soliciting feedback for this feature. If you need help setting this up and would like to provide feedback on it, please send us a ticket via our contact form link below.

If you have questions or concerns please contact us though our contact form.

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