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An update will be released to our production environment on Thursday, June 29th, 2017. The following updates will be applied:

Major Version Upgrade

  • None

Drupal Core Bug Fix/Security Updates

  • Drupal Core 7.56
    • Fixes multiple critical vulnerabilities. Please see project release notes for details.
  • Site Verification 7.x-1.2
    • Fixes Moderately Critical – Cross Site Scripting – SA-CONTRIB-2017-051

New Modules Added

  • None

Contributed Module Updates

Please note that this is a very big and complicated update that has spent over a month in the development environment and is now being pushed to production. We normally don’t send out announcements for production releases, but given the size and scope of this update, in addition to the fact that there were additional updates that were committed while this release was in development, we felt some explanations were in order.

We’ve spent a couple of months now testing the update package ourselves, on our local machines, on many different sample sites in a separate cloud-based testing environment, and then in the development environment, where we received some valuable feedback from all of you. As a result of your feedback, we were able to catch a few more issues and actually add in some additional improvements along the way. These improvements include:

  • CKEditor now displays the selected theme’s styling inside of the rich text editor as contributors are creating their content
  • Users are now able to add a link to an embedded image from the Media Browser as they’re embedding the image, initially
  • Bulk uploads are now possible via the Media Browser into an image fields – the process isn’t entirely perfected yet, but it is working and is pretty reliable

These updates weren’t without some pains. There are two notable issues:

  • Image Properties are no longer available via right clicking on an image – you’ll now see a “Media settings” option which will allow you to change your media settings
  • If you have changed the Image Properties on an embedded image prior to this update, the image will continue to show, however right clicking on the image will result in a 404 error. The only fix for this, at this time, is to re-embed the image. Given the fact that once images are embedded, users rarely will go back to change their properties, we figured we were were safe to push this out as-is while we investigate ways to address the situation.

If you find any issues other than the ones above please let us know via our contact form.

  • CKEditor 7.x-1.18
    • More than 10 fixes/improvements. Please see project release notes for details.
  • Entity Reference 7.x-1.4
    • Fixed failing update for MSSQL and PostgreSQL
  • File Entity 7.x-2.0-beta3
    • More than 10 items addressed. Please see project’s release notes for details.
  • IMCE 7.x-1.11
    • Permits IMCE to use the Administration theme. Adds port number in furl from File Manager.
  • Media  7.x-2.3
  • Media CKEditor 7.x-2.1
    • Syntax error fixed
    • Fully rendered file in WYSIWYG, including overridden fields
    • Fixed multiple media link breakage
    • Added insert button to media widget
    • Updated the graphic for the media button
  • Media: YouTube 7.x-3.4 – Multiple changes over several updates
    • Tested as compatible with the latest media and file_entity releases
    • Fixed issue with the simpletests related to changes made in issue #2879430 olstjos
    • Disable related videos by default
    • Bug fix for when no cookie option is not set. Use https for external source of youtube when no cookie option is not set
    • Fixed testability of MediaInernetYoutTubeHandler method
  • Module Filter 7.x-2.1
    • More than 10 fixes/improvements. Please see project release notes for details.
  • Multiple Forms 7.x-1.3
    • Elements with name property set in attributes adjusted for multiforms (was missing values on submit)
    • Preserve theme-wrappers on forms
    • Fixed Simpletest
    • Enabled automatic testing on 7.x-1.x branch and commit
  • Services
    • Security Vulnerability fix.
    • Update the README for spyc location
    • Add drush make file to download spyc dependency
    • Services REST: Response code 401 Unauthorized for missing arguments should be 400 Bad Request
  • WYSIWYG 7.x-2.4
    • More than 50 fixes/improvements, split between a couple of update versions. Please see project release notes on 2.3 and 2.4 for details.
    • This module is only required for those sites that are still using TinyMCE. In the upcoming weeks, Web Services will be working with clients to switch their text editors from TinyMCE to CKEditor. We’ll have a more detailed plan released later this week.

OSU Module Updates

  • Install Profile 7.x-1.7.2
    • To include change made to OSU Editor module
  • OSU Editor:

    • Updates to align with the media/ckeditor updates

OSU Theme Updates

  • OSU Pine
    • The following Bootstrap components have been branded and now meet accessibility standards (thanks Michael McDonald)
      • Buttons
      • Various Table Elements
      • Labels
      • Badges
      • Thumbnails
      • Alerts
      • Wells
      • For more information on Bootstrap components and how to use them, check out http://getbootstrap.com/2.3.2/components.html or come to Open Lab.

If you have questions or concerns please contact us though our contact form.

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