Updates were applied to the development environment on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023. Barring any security issues, the updates will be applied to production early next week. The following changes were applied:

Major Version Upgrade

  • None

Drupal Core Bug Fix/Security Updates

  • None

Contributed Module Updates

  • Acquia Purge 7.x-1.5
    • Fixes a regression that broke PHP 7 compatibility when the PHP 8 polyfill isn’t included.
  • Biblio 7.x-1.6
    • Added missing default value in biblio_theme()
    • Removed dynamic properties
  • Features 7.x-2.15
    • Improved support for PHP 8.1, PHP 8.2
    • Fixed function_user-features_get_roles translated role issue
    • Properly defined module defaults
    • Fixed undefined variable $directory in drush_features_export()
    • Fixed deprecated php function key_exists()
    • Fixed multi-level settings in a field instance that was skipped to revert due to wrong comparison algorithm
  • Rules 7.x-2.14
    • PHP 8.2 Fixed deprecated dynamic properties
    • Fixed wrong invocation of RulesEvaluationException that filled up locales_source table with thousands of entries
    • Ensured test events/conditions/actions have a group assigned
  • Security Kit 7.x-1.12
    • Fixed tool small text fields
    • Removed debug from test
    • Added skip report-uri processing if value is empty
    • Documented hook_seckit_options_alter() vs hook_boot()
    • Fixed coding standards
    • Documented the previous change
    • Now allows other modules to alter the CSP directives
  • Field Collection Patch 3285573-7 added to both dev and production

OSU Module Updates

  • None

OSU Theme Updates

  • None

If you have questions or concerns please contact us through our contact form.

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