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An update will be released to our development environment on Thursday, November 15th, 2018. Barring any security releases, this update will be pushed to our production environment on Tuesday, November 20th, 2018. The following updates will be applied:

Major Version Upgrade

  • None

Drupal Core Bug Fix/Security Updates

Contributed Module Updates

  • Diff 7.x-3.4
    • Removed use of deprecated functions
    • Split field label and machine name in field table
    • Fixed diff_update that assumes the module is enabled
    • Fixed failed assertion in _HWLDF_WordAccumulator > AddWords()
    • Now uses diff default state when previewing node changes
  • Features 7.x-2.11
    • Removed Features PHP 7.2 function create_function() which is now deprecated
    • Fixed update reverts that were updating all existing fields – caused excessive cache clearing
    • Fixed use of undefined constant info/name
    • Added a blank line after php opening in features-generated files
    • Fixed test failure when views or strongarm not available
    • Fixed PHP notice during recreation of a feature in the back end
    • Fixed undefined property stdClass::$status in features_export_form
    • Fixed reverting of image styles
  • File Entity 7.x-2.25

OSU Module Updates

  • None

OSU Theme Updates

  • None

If you have questions or concerns please contact us through our contact form.

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