A recent webinar about including Ever English learner students in accountability and continuous improvement featured our partnership’s work in Oregon. Dr. Karen Thompson described how Oregon’s data system now includes a flag for both current and former English learners, enabling the state to report outcomes for both groups. Drawing on information shared in a recent IES blog post, Dr. Thompson showed how conventional reporting of graduation rates for EL and non-EL students masks information about graduation rates for former EL students, who are graduating at rates higher that students never classified as ELs. Dr. Michael Kieffer from New York University shared findings from a recent report about EL outcomes in New York City, indicating that, as in Oregon, graduation rates for the full Ever EL group are much higher than graduation rates for current ELs alone. Presenters discussed strategies for using longitudinal data about Ever ELs in state and district accountability and reporting systems. A recording of the webinar is available below.

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