One critical policy question the ODE-OSU Partnership has explored is how best to monitor and report achievement for English learners (ELs), especially in comparison to their non-English learner (non-EL) peers. At the National Network of Education Research-Practitioner Partnerships (NNERPP), our team presented an Infographic (also see left, below) that illustrates one of our most important findings to date.

Traditional measures have compared ELs to non-ELs, showing a lower graduation rate for ELs (53% vs. 76%). This analysis is misleading. Our researchers have considered the full group of students who enter school as ELs– current ELs plus former ELs—and have created a more complete category for analysis: Ever English learners (Ever ELs). We have discovered that Ever ELs graduate at almost the same rate as non-ELs (71% compared to 76%). In fact, former ELs graduate at a higher rate than non-ELs (78% vs. 76%).

This new, more detailed analysis offers a critical perspective on school and district effectiveness.

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