Recent Media Contributions

19 April 2023. How could this summer El Niño impact Oregon’s wildfire season. KDRV Medford.

13 April 2023. Central Oregon makes progress against drought, but water deficits loom. Bend Bulletin.

10 April 2023. Will Oregon’s high snowpack levels affect wildfire season?. KOIN.

5 January 2023. Oregon climate report spells out dire future, but author highlights reasons for optimism. KGW.

1 December 2022. Oregon’s drought continues – but there’s hope. Albany Democrat-Herald.

10 November 2022. Predicted La Niña has central Oregon skiers and snowboarders excited for winter. The Oregonian.

2 November 2022. Northwest wildfires burned far fewer acres this year, but smoke was still a problem. The Bulletin.

14 October 2022. Oregon reservoir emptied for unprecedented 3rd year in a row. Associated Press.

29 September 2022. Heat-related worker trauma on the rise. Oregon Business.

16 September 2022. Has Oregon entered a new era of power shutoffs due to rising wildfire threat? Statesman Journal.

9 September 2022. Oregon utilities shut power amid high dry winds, fire danger. Associated Press.

2 September 2022. Oregon cities break heat records for July and August. Oregon Public Broadcasting.

27 August 2022. Yes, it’s getting warmer in Portland, and here’s the data. KGW.

31 August 2022. Oregon state climatologist lists the evidence that climate change is happening now. Jefferson Public Radio.

13 August 2022. Flying is painful. Climate change will make it even worse. Politico.

8 August 2022. Billions in feds’ spending on megafire risks seen as misdirected. Bloomberg Law.

29 July 2022. Why Democrats’ climate bill is such a big deal. ABC News.

28 June 2022. It’s been one year since Oregon’s deadly heat dome. Will it happen again? KGW.

27 June 2022. Extreme heat returns to Pacific Northwest one year after record-breaking heat wave. Fox Weather.

2 June 2022. Drought raises curiosity about cloud seeding in Oregon. Capital Press.

19 May 2022. Spring rains ‘not nearly enough’ to overcome Northwest drought, wildfire risk, experts say. The Seattle Times.

12 May 2022. Summer drought, fire outlook shows little change. KBND.

11 May 2022. Despite significant April showers, region remains stuck in drought. KLCC.

10 May 2022. Climate watchers warn recent flush of rain in western Oregon didn’t end the drought. Register Guard.

28 April 2022. Why your security plan should include wildfires. Samdesk.

11 April 2022. April snow in Portland unusual but not unprecedented, climatologist says. KATU.

7 April 2022. Oregon’s particular challenges in a warming world. Jefferson Public Radio.

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