Recent Media Contributions

17 February 2021. Utilities say lessons from historic storm will have to wait, as scientists, politicians eye climate change. Oregon Public Broadcasting.

16 February 2021. One year later: can it happen again? The East Oregonian.

15 February 2021. Study: warmer weather will increase flooding in the Columbia River Basin this century. Oregon Public Broadcasting.

12 February 2021. Climate change will exacerbate flooding in the Columbia River Basin, OSU study finds. The Oregonian.

11 February 2021. OSU study: Columbia River basin flooding expected to rise due to climate change. KTVZ.

19 January 2021. Biden climate plan to address worsening wildfires, but it will take years. Salem Statesman Journal.

13 January 2021. Wildfire smoke makes up 50% of air pollution particles in West. The Washington Times.

12 January 2021. Climate change in Oregon by the numbers, from 0.1 to 200. Oregon Public Broadcasting.

9 January 2021. “This isn’t going away.” Climate scientists and fire officials reflect on the Almeda Fire. Jefferson Public Radio.

29 November 2020. Climate change heats up fire risk in Oregon’s forest. The Bulletin.

16 November 2020. Weekend storms get 2020 water year off to healthy start, but drought conditions remain. The Bulletin.

25 October 2020. Oregon wildfires: is climate change the culprit? The Corvallis Advocate.

23 October 2020. Climate change is extending fire season across the west. National Public Radio.

21 October 2020, KVAL Eugene. Homeowners taking fireproofing seriously after devastating wildfires.

19 October 2020. These Indigenous educators are bringing Western and Native science together in the classroom.

19 October 2020. Today’s wildfire modeling ‘just sucks’ for flames fueled by climate change. High Country News.

8 October 2020. Drought stirs fears of Dust Bowl near Madras. The Bulletin.

23 September 2020. Wildfires in 2020: What set the stage for this historic event and what can we expect in the future? Oregon Wild.

21 September 2020. We know climate change set the conditions for Oregon fires. Did it stoke the flames, too? Oregon Public Broadcasting.

20 September 2020. Roseburg News-Review. OSU scientists: climate change, fuels buildup among causes of this month’s catastrophic wildfires.

16 September 2020. The scariest part of these wildfires is what comes next. The Daily Beast.

15 September 2020. People are being arrested for arson, but no, they’re not Antifa. BuzzFeed News.

13 September 2020. Climate change making western wildfires in US worse. Voice of America.

12 September 2020. In Oregon, deadly wildfires leave behind devastation and agonizing uncertainty. The Washington Post.

12 September 2020. In Oregon, a new climate menace: fires raging where they don’t usually burn. The New York Times.

27 August 2020. Don’t forget the climate: droughts and hot temperatures affect Oregon’s communities. Eugene Weekly.

16 June 2020. Drought may leave Central Oregon irrigation districts out of water this year. The Bulletin.

28 April 2020. Shrinking glaciers could impact life in Central Oregon. The Bulletin.

2 March 2020. Quick ‘flash droughts’ present new weather prediction challenge. KTVZ News.

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