The Oregon Climate Change Research Institute and Oregon Climate Service welcome inquiries from undergraduate and graduate students within or outside Oregon about internships (for credit or paid) related to climate science and its applications to natural and human systems. We also welcome inquiries related to placement via programs such as the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and the Arts (URSA) Engage Program at Oregon State University. Please contact Erica Fleishman (Director, OCCRI) or Larry O’Neill (Oregon State Climatologist) for more information.

Please contact us if you would like us to share job announcements via this website or social media. Decisions regarding posts rest with OCCRI and the Oregon Climate Service.

Outside opportunities

NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP) 2021 — application deadline 27 January 2021. Program runs from 13 June through 6 August. Applicants currently must be third-year undergraduates and US citizens. Students work in multi-disciplinary teams to study surface, atmospheric, and oceanographic processes. Participants fly onboard a NASA research aircraft and assist in the operation of instruments to sample and measure atmospheric gases and aerosols and to image land and water surfaces in multiple spectral bands. Students also will participate in taking measurements at field sites. Each student will complete an individual research project from the data collected. Participants will receive a stipend, travel allowance, and free housing and local transportation. For more information and to apply: baeri.org/sarp.

Through 31 January 2021, the National Climate Adaptation Science Center (NCASC) is soliciting statements of interest for their Science to Action Fellowship program, which supports graduate students in directly applying scientific research related to climate-change impacts on fish, wildlife, or ecosystems to decision-making about natural resources. Up to two fellows will be selected to receive a financial award of $10,000 each. Fellows collaborate with university and US Geological Survey mentors and expand their networks of professional colleagues and practical experience.This opportunity is open to graduate students at Climate Adaptation Science Center Consortium Institutions, including Oregon State University. Click here for more information.

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