Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a hot trend. Many companies have moved to work remotely during the pandemic. The future of cloud computing is very promising and it’s rising. Among top cloud computing providers are – Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure, Google cloud platforms.

Amazon web services has dominated the market of cloud computing. It was the first entrant to the market. Both Aws, Azure and Google cloud provides a wide range of services at different cost and efficiency. I have personally used Google cloud platforms and I think it’s a great tool to run programs on the cloud especially RESTful apis. Google Cloud Platforms (GCP) provides good documentation of how to use their services. The default service is ready to use, whearse as in other platforms, there are more steps needed to get the services ready to work. For example, to run a web app on GCP, only two commands are needed to get the services up and ready: 1- enable GAP (google app engine ) in the project on GCP. Then deploy the project! It’s also easy to integrate other products of GCP. 

A great way to learn about cloud computing is to read the documentation provided by the cloud provider. I also suggest that you take the course CS493 which is offered online at Oregon State University.

Types of cloud offerings

  • Software as a Service(Saas)

 is a software licensing model in which access to the software is provided on a subscription basis. For example, Facebook, Twitter, gmail is a type of Saas. The  client gets very little direct control over features.

  • Platform as a service (Paas)

Paas provides the programmer with a suite of tools to build applications within constraints defined by the provider. For example, Google App Engine provides set constraints such as the standard environment and operating system that the application will run on.

  • Infrastructure as a service (Iaas)

Provides the programmer with greater control and flexibility. The programmer gets to define the environment, operating system and configure the hardware. Google computer engine is an example of Iaas. 

  • Functions as a service (Faas)

It provides greater level abstraction. The program only needs to write functions which can be triggered by a set of events. There is less work to do by the programmer. 

Comparison of cloud offerings

PaaSApp EngineElastic BeanstalkCloud ServicesPaaS
IaaSCompute EngineElastic Compute Cloud (EC2)Virtual MachinesIaaS
FaaSCloud FunctionsLambdaAzure FunctionsFaaS

Find a job as a software developer

finding a job can be a struggle. I’m have been applying to many jobs and have not yet landed on a job as a software developer. I started diving deep in this topic and found some interesting ideas that can be helpful to land on a job faster as a software developer. The tip here is to contribute to open sources projects.

Why you should contribute to open sources projects

Contributing to open sources projects can build your confidence and improve your skills. By contributing to open sources projects, you get to learn new things and receive feedback on your work. By adding contribution to open source in your resume, can make your resume stands out and get the job that you wanted. Github is a good place to find and contributes to open sources projects.

Where to find open source projects

There are many ways to find open sources projects. You can just google and search for the projects with your technology your’e interested in. Here is a link to open sources projects on Github; there are about 321 projects you can choose from

Start contributing to open source projects

As you start contributing, try to find first timer issue. Here is list of issues(first timers issues) link.