Hello everyone, My name is Azzam. I’m a computer science student at Oregon State University. I live in Portland, Oregon. I like learning and exploring new things. More about me, I like playing tennis, volleyball, swimming and hiking. Last summer, I spent most of my days off in the beach. I bought a paddle board for about $200 and it was wroth it. I used to go to Cotton Wood beach in¬†Washougal, Washington

Cotton Wood beach in  Washougal, Washington

Summer is over, and now it’s time for Fall activities. In this blog, i’ll be posting my project progress and other related posts. I hope find the blog helpful!

You might be wondering how I got into computer science. I like programming. I wanted to know how computer works. I started to learn about programing and how it work. I liked writing codes. I started taking courses at Portland Community College in 2016 and I transferred to Oregon State in the Fall of 2020. My favorite project in this courses were:

  • Food image data collection app 
  • Nat. Forest Service: Ops Normal – Initial Attack 
  • ROS2 plugin (On-campus CS Students Only) 

I wanted to learn more about artificial intelligence specifically matching learning, robotics, and vision. Luckily, I was choose to work on Nat project which is one of my favorite. Flutter is one of my favorite technologies. I started learning flutter about 4 months ago, and I really love it! I have built a couple of projects using Flutter and I’ll be using it for this project as well. As of right now, I’m not working; I just quit my job at Intel working as machine operator because I’ll be moving to Corvallis in the next fee weeks. I’m currently looking for a job working as application developer or any job that matches my skills.