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Graduate Students in Water Resources

October 31st, 2012
Graduate Students in Water Resources

Graduate Students in Water Resources

Author: Dr. Mary Santelmann, Director, Water Resources Graduate Program Oregon State University, CEOAS

Graduate students in the Sociotechnical Aspects of Water Resources class took to the field on Saturday to participate in measurements of stream discharge in Oak Creek at two different stations near Corvallis.

The photo shows students measuring stream width and depth to calculate cross-sectional area, which is used along with water height (stream
stage) and flow velocity to determine streamflow. The class used several methods to measure flow velocity near our permanent gaging stations; a salt tracer and conductivity measurements, two different types of flow meters, and the low-tech but always fun neutrally-buoyant object method (i.e., measuring time required for citrus fruit and marshmallows to float downstream).

While the weather was typical of the Oregon fall, the class was well-prepared with rain gear and waders, and after all, these are students who enjoy being immersed in their work!

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