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Tales from the road

Story Format

March 28th, 2012

Tales from the Road

Title: Business casual is the theme. Don’t reuse your NSF grant title. 3-5 words suited for a general audience is perfect.

Subtitle (Optional): Use this optional line to expand on the theme of your title and draw readers in.

Person: Name, Department, College

Place: Whether it is examining a mastodon bone found in Corvallis or canoeing in Michigan adding a reference place helps people understand the geographic influence of your work. For some it is as simple as a city name while for others it might be GPS coordinates or range (i.e. British Columbia to Coos Bay).

Story: Everyone should tell their story in their own voice so we don’t project ourselves into the story.

Images: It’s hard to imagine what a snowcat looks like that just ran over its own track until you see a snapshot.

Links: The goal is to highlight work, pique curiosity, and raise general awareness. Links to external sources of information that more thoroughly explain work and/or provide ongoing updates are encouraged.

Moral of the Story: From time to time I might add a final comment that summarizes the content for a general audience or emphasizes the interconnectedness of the work being done. Working here is kind of like being at an innovation lab at 3M and we get to spend more than 15% of our time being creative.

Submission: Send electronically to motorpool@oregonstate.edu or in hardcopy to 100 Motor Pool Bldg., University Motor Pool.

Updated: 3/28/2012

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