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Tales from the road


March 6th, 2012

If you’re a current, past or future Motor Pool customer let us help you tell your story. Check back regularly to see the progress and provide content.

Goals for this blog experiment:

  1. Re-tell the stories of our customers. We are knowledgeable about cars, availability of cars and how busy Friday afternoons can be. In order to create a vibrant story telling place we need customers to lead with their experience and unique perspectives.
  2. Make it about the customer. Our blog is not a veiled advertising scheme. People can choose or choose not to use Motor Pool. We just decided it would be fun to brag about the unique things people do and the places they go while they have vehicles checked out. Money grubbing information can be found at our official site or in the OSU Feebook.
  3. Make it fun, personal and real. Most of what we read about major research universities is polished and written by professionals. It highlights the major successes and breakthroughs of world class researchers. We want to focus on the interesting bits that get missed.
  4. Remember it’s a quirky experiment. Some ideas succeed and a lot more fail. We’d like to put some energy behind this one and see if it sticks.
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