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Tales from the road

Oh the places you’ll go

March 17th, 2012

Google Maps: Western Oregon Research Sites

Western Oregon Research Sites

Eric Dinger

Forest Engineering, Resources and Management

College of Forestry

Listing a place name is a normal step in requesting vehicles through the University Motor Pool. For a sample of some of the cities customers travel to see a previous post Share Your Story.

Some customers are lucky if roads even reach the places they need to travel. For some perspective on this issue read on.

Here are some of Eric’s better ones:


  • I love Peedee, OR
  • Hang-a-left-at-Eddyville-and-drive-for-half-an-hour, OR
  • Middle of nowhere, Coast Range, OR
  • The Sticks, OR

Some of Eric’s comments in reservation requests are just as funny. We liked this one:

“This is the rare occasion when I am going somewhere completely on paved roads!  I know, its crazy!  I’ve got to be at a conference in Portland at 0800 on Tuesday Feb. 15th.  …”

Thanks Eric for adding a little humor to our day.


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