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March 8th, 2012

Aboard the Oceanus









We had a great time aboard the new research vessel the Oceanus yesterday. Sunny skies and relatively calm waters combined to give us a rosy view of what we’re sure is hard and rewarding research work.

Our hosts Daryl Swensen, David O’Gorman and Toby Martin from the Martech group in the College of Earth, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences allowed us to participate in a day of training exercises designed to ready the ship and crew for an upcoming inspection by the National Science Foundation.

See the picture blog below for a brief perspective of the exciting work happening in Corvallis and around the world.

We watched as the crew practiced anchoring, collected soil and water samples, deployed a glider and performed docking trials. If it weren’t rosy enough the day even finished with gray whale sightings and a full moon to follow back to Corvallis.

Profile of research that goes almost anywhere

Profile of research that goes where Motor Pool cars can't.

A view from the bridge

A view from the bridge.

Customer sighting: Martech Superintendent Daryl Swensen.

Customer sighting: Martech Superintendent Daryl Swensen as he guides crane operators loading submersible equipment.

Submersible water sampling rig being retrieved from the water.

Submersible water sampling rig being retrieved from the water.

Soil Sampling rig being loaded for offsite storage 

Daryl Swensen looking on after a day of training exercises aboard the Oceanus






Pictured Above: Soil sampling rig being loaded for offsite storage. Pictured Below: Daryl Swensen looking on after a day of training exercises aboard the Oceanus.

Time to go home

She will be back. Her glider is still in the water collecting data.

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  1. fleminju says:

    Check out the Panama Canal transit with a time lapse video David O’Gorman shared with us via Youtube.

    Panama Canal Transit by the R.V. Oceanus

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