Sister Aimee Librarian Research

Initially I thought that this assignment would be hard because of the needing to interact with a librarian but surprisingly it was easier than I thought. I was able to find and discover a lot research that cleared up a lot of the surrounding details about sister Aimee. I found articles and reviews of scholarly articles that helped address why sister aimee was able to rise to fame and have a following when culturally women weren’t seen as important. At the time they didn’t even have the right to vote. So it was interesting to see how people have examined her emergence and ability to build such a large denomination and a way of doing christianity in a time with such a dominating patriarch culture.

Other than this, I couldn’t find much about the tools that women used at the time because women were very oppressed and sister Aimee was one of the pioneers who blazed the trail for women and different ways to think and lead.

So when I went to go ask the librarians for assistance I knew that going into the library would not be an option with my time commitments so I tried the online chat with the librarian. I didn’t’ think that the online chat would have a lot of results but to my surprise it was actually really helpful. In real time I was able to talk to a librarian who helped me and walked me through the steps to go and find the things I needed to conclude my research.

One way that I did try to get research that didn’t really help me was the answerland24/7. I just enjoyed working with the oregon State Librarians a lot better. I was able to explain to them better what I was doing and what research I already had.  Answerland was harder to explain myself to and thus made it harder to find resources that were helpful and added substantial value to my search.

JSTOR was one of my big research tools and I was able to get good information from that database for me preliminary research before I went and got help from the librarians. After I talked to the librarians I used the OSU libraries database and was able to find most of what i needed there after that.

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