Week 1

Today I set up a blog for the first time. I would consider myself highly capable of doing new things involving technology or a computer, but sometimes you just get stuck. I was in the “stuck” stage for about and hour looking for answers in the syllabus and online. Thankfully I have a roommate that is technologically friendly and has set up a blog before for other classes. After she came home, it took her no more than ten minutes to take me through the step by step process and answer all my questions.

I enjoyed the website reading back to me because I learn more form someone reading to me. In high school I always bought the books on tape and would follow along and take notes in the margins. I think this has something to do with the fact that when I was younger I had dyslexia and a lazy eye that prohibited me from being confident reading out loud. I would always try to become invisible when the teacher would ask for volunteers to read. Through eye exercises and many doctors visits I was able to overcome my setbacks.