How to Build Customer Personas in Your Email Marketing

While email marketing can boost sales effectively, it is challenging to get people open emails, appeal to call-to-action, and make purchase decisions.

Among thousands of emails that users get every day, how to make your emails stand out is a task that requires a lot of effort in understanding your customers. People can ignore, mark as spam, delete, or click on your emails.

Suppose you get a click, having users scroll down and read through your emails in just a few seconds, and click on your products sales is the next task that requires relevant and appealing content.

You can see that email marketing if is done appropriately, there are conversions waiting ahead. Nevertheless, email marketing is not that easy. How many opened emails do you have? How many clicks or sign-ups do you have? How many people who really buy your products?

If you are trying to massively sell, people will stay away from you. Instead, having personas in your email marketing. When users have a personal connection to your products, they are likely to spend their precious time to click on your emails, read and ultimately buy something.

Every single step in your campaign from having mailing list to creating subject lines and content needs the presence of personas of your customers. Here are the tips to build personas in your email marketing.

Have mail list capture

This is a basic tool on your websites. When a customer buys your products, your site must contain customer information before they can check out. If he permits you to send future sales by emails, you must put him in the mail list. If there is no purchase, make sure your customers sign up for your emails.

Email sign-up incentives

People know that when they sign up, they will receive your emails regularly. If it occupies one more spot in their inbox, you need to give them reasons why they should get emails from you. It can be free gifts, e-books or online webinar.

Have personas template

It is to answer who your customer is, what are his demographics, what goals and challenges he has, what he values and how your product can solve his problems. Buffer has framed an easy-to-follow template and demonstrated an example. You can also download free persona template from Hubspot.

Obtain personas information

The more detail personas you have, the better segments you can target. You can group people with similar demographics, behaviors, psychological and geographic segmentation. It is not only the task of marketing department but also the involvement of the entire personnel. Sources are focused on but not limited to your site analytics, interactions with customers in person and on social media, surveys and interviews.


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