5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

If you are struggling with landing page conversions, you may have misses essential rules to increase conversion rate.

While you do not need to have a salesman in your digital products on landing pages, it is crucial to know some tactics to gain traffic and conversions in your own pages. Conversions can be perceived as desire action from users such as form filled through landing pages.

In order to increase landing page conversions, you need to really put yourself in the perspective of web users, what they like or do not like when they serve Internet. Human minds can be tricky sometimes, but as digital marketers, we can direct our prospective customers to a promise of fulfilling what we show them from the headlines and the clicks. In this article, I will walk you through 5 basic ways to increase landing page conversions.

1. Clear campaign goals

It is important to always have these acronyms in mind when you create a marketing campaign and landing page: NSAMCWADLP (Never Start A Marketing Campaign Without A Dedicated Landing Page; NBALPWACG (Never Build A Landing Page Without A Campaign Goal). Also, having clear campaign goals can help you focus on what content and design you want to tell users, thus to not confuse users about what you offer, but to perform a clear message to your prospective customers.

2. Matching context

Your message and design on landing pages must match with the headlines in the advertising including display, banner and social media advertisings. It is such a disappointment if you have really appealing design and headlines, but after the click, what users see do not match with what they expect before the click. In a few words, your message and design need to be matching with what you promise users to see from the advertisings. Users click on and satisfy with what you have said is a key to have orders or packages fulfilled.

3. Compatible design on mobile devices

The era of technology has enabled us to have better experience of convenience in which smartphones are a typical example. People use smartphones almost every day for daily purposes, namely communication, access to information, checking emails, entertainment, online shopping, etc. Thus, paying attention on a compatible design on mobile devices is essential because you understand users’ habits, and hence, give them exciting experience in surfing your landing pages and becoming your customers.

4. Attention-driven design

It is annoying if your landing pages have many distractions for users. You want to target them to make decision on trying your trial products, subscribe, or sign-up for a course. But you cannot give them too much information at the same time when people are not patient enough to look at your page for more than a few minutes. Keep that in mind, you must organize your landing appearance to just focus on final goal. Do not be ambitious, instead, be concise on what you want to draw your prospective customers’ attentions.

5. Optimizing page speed

It is a practical statement when people say time is money. It is true for your landing pages. You want to offer user fast and efficient experience on your page. You do not want to lose potential customers just because your page speed is slow. Fast-loading pages is important to keep users to stay with your pages and get to the right offer.

There are a lot of tactics that you may find or hear somewhere, but those are must-know ways that you can easily fix on your landing pages. It is hard to understand users’ behavior, but it is fascinating to create, run, test and re-do on your landing pages until you get more and more conversions. You can always improve your landing pages provided that you follow the rules of users’ expectation, eventually to gain higher landing page conversions.


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