Capstone Update

With the BikeKollective project, we are over halfway through. In this project, my main responsibility has been the map home screen. Through weeks of work I have been able to add some great features to the program.

When on the map screen the user is able to see the locations available bikes. Once a user is close enough to the bike they can then select it to checkout. I used the Flutter location package to update the distance from a bike as the user moves around a map.

To show users the different rating on a bike, the bikes markers change color depending on the rating. Bikes with the lowest ratings are red while the highest are green. The markers also disappear and reappear as bikes are checked out and returned by other users.

Another feature that was added is the list view. When a user clicks on a bike in the list, the camera centers on where that bike is located. This allows a user to choose a bike from a list then go to the location where its located.

I think these features that I have added to the app will greatly improve the user experience.

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