Time Management

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As I am getting further into the semester, I am having to manage my time wisely.
I am now into the third week of my capstone project. This week I had to prepare for an interview, apply for more jobs, complete my portion of the project assignment, and complete work for another class. I’ve found my self sitting in front of my computer all day.

To break up this monotony, I’ve made a schedule of when to start working/studying and when to take breaks. My plan for now is to wake up in the morning and study some Leetcode, Data Structures, or Algorithms. After that, I’ll plan out which assignments that I’ll work on the rest of the day. Around noon, I’ll take a break for lunch and then to relax for a bit. Then its time to work on a assignment till around 4:30. This leaves me with enough time to hit the gym or go for a walk.

Before doing this schedule, I would find myself just staring at the computer, but not getting much done. Now it feels like I’m actually productive and have a clearer mind.

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