Capstone Project

For my capstone project, I will be working on a team designing a bike sharing app. The idea behind the app is that people will be able to go to a location and rent a bike for a few hours. In the main view of the, a map will show each location and how many bikes are at the location. Once the person is at the location, they will be able to choose a bike from the list of bikes in the app. The bike will have ratings and reviews, so the user will be able to know if anything is wrong with the bike. The user will be able to return the bike to any designated location.

I think this will be an interesting app to develop. In many places people need to use a bike for only a few hours. This gives an opportunity for someone to get exercise and transportation without having to worry about keeping track of a bicycle. For people that own bikes that they are currently not using, they can have their bikes used in the app.

This will be my first time working on a full developed mobile app. I’ve followed a few tutorials on mobile app development and have created a few basic apps. This one feels like it something that would benefit many people.

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