The amount of work getting done this week is NO joke: Weekly Update 4/1-4/5

This weeks work will take place solely around the lecture hall and the clinic.

If you haven’t already noticed, the main parking lot of the small animal hospital is now closed and will remain closed through the end of August. For those trying to access the small animal hospital, designated parking has been added across the street in the B1 section of lot 3284 (Truax Indoor Performance Center).  

At the Lecture Hall, the interior framing will go up and be completed by the end of the week. Waterproofing for the roof installation is planned to continue this week, but will be dependent of the rain holding off. Also the interior utility rough-ins for mechanical, electrical and plumbing will get started.

The major work at the clinic starts with the continuation of the exterior waterproofing and starting to sheet rock the first floor. It’s on the schedule to finish out the utility rough-ins and insulating piping and ductwork by the end of the week. As well as finishing up the installation of the flashing.

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