Weekly Update: 8/6-8/9

The lecture hall will have the storm drain going in this week. Inside the lecture hall the flooring will be installed, as well as the vestibule installation.

The clinic’s activities will be carrying on from last week, the window frames will be installed, with the 2nd floor drywall and overall flooring in the building. Also, the metal lab casework will be getting installed.

At LINAC, they are still moving on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins and working on miscellaneous site concrete.

Weekly Update: 7/29-8/2

Most work from last week at the clinic will be continuing through this week, the storefront windows and glass glazing will be installed and the 2nd floor framing and sheetrock will also continue. New at the clinic this week, the new resilient flooring will start to go in.

The lecture hall also has several activities from last week continuing, including the casework and light fixture installation. However crews will also start sidewalk preparations and installing tile in the restrooms and carpet in the conference room.

LINAC continues to have the mechanical, electrical and plumbing lines roughed-in and wall finishing and painting have been added to the “to do” list this week.

Finally, around the overall site, there will be landscaping, irrigation and curb/sidewalk work going on.

Weekly Update: 7/22-7/26

At the Clinic, the metal panels at the connector will be installed. As well as, the windows and those glass glazing throughout the clinic and the cabinetry will also be getting installed this week. The second floor of the clinic will also see sheetrock and framing and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins.

The lobby will have framing going up to tie-in the existing lobby to the new addition. The lobby will also be getting its roof and having the concrete slab poured-back.

The lecture hall will have the exterior site prepped and inside the concrete will be getting a nice polish.

the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-ins continue at LINAC and the finishing on the walls will be going up.

Outside in the parking lot, concrete pours will continue for curbs and sidewalks.

Water and Electrical Shutdown 7/20

This Saturday, July 20th, Magruder Hall will have both water and electricity shutdown from 6am-4pm. This shutdown is in conjunction with tying in new waterlines for the clinic, lecture hall and LINAC. During this time, Pacific Power will shutdown electricity so they can perform work to tie new electrical services into the existing transformer.

The will be NO WATER OR ELECTRICITY services to Magruder Hall, July 20th from 6am-4pm.

Weekly Update: 7/15-7/18

It’s a very busy week for the Magruder Hall Expansion, at the clinic the light fixture and electrical trim are being installed and the metal panels will be installed at the connector. The clinic storefront windows will continue to be installed, as well as the casework. The second floor of the clinic will have the rest of the electrical and plumbing rough-ins going up and then continuing on with sheetrock and wall insulation.

The lecture hall will also be seeing quite a bit of action this week, the casework and lighting fixtures will be installed in the interior of the building. The floors of the lecture hall will be getting a nice polishing this week. On the exterior, the site will be graded and prepped for storm line work.

LINAC is still continuing on with mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins. While the lobby will see framing, utility rough-ins under the concrete slab and sheetrock going up. In the parking lot, concrete will be poured for curbs and sidewalks.

Adjacent Construction to Magruder Addition

Starting this morning there is additional work being done on SW 30th across

the street from Magruder Hall. We ask that you use patience when traveling through this area as detours and barricades affect construction vehicles from entering and exiting the Magruder Site.

Important to follow all signage and traffic control in place for the sidewalk improvements on the east side of SW 30th.  Currently the pedestrian crosswalk location is to remain and changes will be announced accordingly.

Hitting it Hard After the 4th; Weekly Update 7/8-7/12

After celebrating America’s Independence last Thursday, July 4th, crews are ready to get back to work for another busy week!

At the clinic, the first floor will see the electrical fixtures go up and the installation of trim will begin. Also, the clinic connector metal panel will be installed at the same time as the storefront frame and windows are being installed, and the first floor casework will begin to go in at the end of the week. The second floor of the clinic will see less overall activity, but will still have lots going on as the mechanical, plumbing and electrical lines get roughed-in.

The lecture hall will be simple yet busy this week. All the fixtures in the lecture will be installed this week, as well as all of the glass glazing. Also, the casework will begin to go in this week and will continue through next week.

LINAC is having the mechanical and plumbing rough-in finished up this week in anticipation of sheetrock going up next week.

The lobby will be taking more shape this week as the under slab mechanical, plumbing and electrical rough in is finished and the concrete will be poured back. The lobby will also have the wall framing taking place this week.

The parking lot also continues as they pour concrete for light poles, curbs and walkways early this week followed by prepping the parking lot for the first lift of paving on Thursday the 11th.

Weekly Update 6/24-6/28

The clinic will be shaping up this week as crews work on installing the metal panels and window frames. The second floor will have additional work going on, as the sheetrock also gets installed this week.

The lecture hall will continue to have the installation of the glass glazing, which is a continuation from last week. New this week, fixtures for the lecture hall will be installed beginning this week.

In what will be the new parking parking lot by the clinic and new entrance to the small animal hospital, underground utilities will be put down into place.

Wrapping up with the progress at LINAC, crews are still continuing with electrical, mechanical and plumbing rough in.

More photos can be found under the photos tab!

Magruder Update 6/18

Currently at the addition of the clinic, the second floor is having the ducting installed for the heating and cooling system and the clinic overall will start to see paint go up on the walls. The latter half of the week, crews will start to install fixtures and the ceiling and the second floor will have the door frames set. In connecting the Clinic to the lobby, the plumbing under the concrete will be completed. As well as the heating demo and electrical rough in, the week will finish up with the concrete slab will be poured back.

The new lecture hall will have the taping of the drywall complete and will start have paint applied at the end of the week, moving into next week. The glass glazing of the building will be installed as well as the glass storefront windows.

Things will be pretty simple this week at the LINAC addition with the plumbing and electrical rough ins will start at the end of the week.

Major prep will be happening for the parking lots will be going on this week. Overall parking lot prep will be occurring, as well as, putting in the new sewer line and prepping the east side of the clinic parking.


5/20 Weekly Update

This week at the new clinic, the weest wall will have its brick cladding installed, which will be finished by the end of the week. Also happening at the clinic, crews will get started on the interior epoxy floors. This work will continue through this week and to the end of next week.

Now that sheetrock is up at the lecture hall, crews are working at taping and mudding so paint can go up the middle of next week. The panel installation will be continue through this week, so it can be finished up by early next week.

The structural street is going up at the LINAC addition, as well as at the lobby. Rough-ins for mechanical, electrical and plumbing is also happening in the lobby this week.

On the outside, the new parking lot is being prepped for new curbs and sidewalks.