Writing Exercise #8

This course has taught me many interesting things regarding the microbiome that exists within all human. A certain matter that really stood out to me was how a person’s diet can affect their microbiome. I recall reading about the study that pertained to Crohn’s Disease and how a healthier diet decreased some of the symptoms associated with the disease. With there being so many different versions of diets in today’s world, I wonder how the keto diet would have effect our microbiomes; I am curious if it would improve it or create an issue in our equilibrium.

Keto diets consist of high fats and proteins with a very low amount of carbohydrates and almost no sugar. This has been proven to be a beneficial way to lose weight, but I would suspect that increasing the amount of fat consumption and eliminating sugar carriers such as berries and other fruits would have a negative effect on the gut microbiome. With that being said, I know a few people who use the keto diet and who have autoimmune diseases. It would interesting to look at whether or not this diet aids in any sort of immune function.

To begin developing this paper, I may speak to some of those individuals I mentioned about why they chose that diet and if they have felt a difference in terms of their immune system. Most importantly, I would find research article that are about the keto diet and how it affects the gut microbiome. After I have gathered all necessary information and a better understanding, I will begin an outline.

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